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Where creatives become stars

About us

Not your usual agency where client servicing and creative don't even sit on the same floor, briefs get shuffled around and value gets lost along the way.

We have been on the agency side, media side, client side, startup side - we know how businesses operate from the very core and how to create value. Focusing on Key Opinion Leaders, Digital Creators and Brand Campaigns we are the intersection where influence meets passion.


We are your partners as your strive for success. We root for you, we think with you, we initiate, we pitch, we push, and we make things happen.

Its a trip, we know, so lets have fun along the way.

Image by Daniel Olah

We've worked with the big agency guys Omnicom, Ogilvy, Denstu and others

We've  helped managed brands, categories and budgets on the client side

We've launched our own gigs as entrepreneurs: some succeeded and others failed us forward

We've raised funding for projects and people we believe in.

We've walked many projects' miles wearing different hats

We've been on their side, we've been on our side, and now we're on YOUR side.

The Bottom Line


Meet the Ro
Roman Lafner

Founder/ The One Who Rules

Roman has been working in the Hospitality Industry for almost 15 years and with Marriott International for 10 years. His  move to Dubai was prompted by a desire to face new challenges in a new environment and excelled at working with international and diverse teams.

During his time he worked extensively with agencies and suppliers he was able to get  grasp of what is needed  in the corporate world of hospitality and client retention. With a keen understanding of the gap in the market for creative needs and solutions that can adapt, pivot and keep the client from losing their minds, Roman had the same challenges over and over again, we need Solutions! Options! Wormholes!

Bringing this standard of best practices with an eye towards innovative and up to date solutions he brings the grounding and impeccable operational experience to the team of dreamers.

Meet the Jo

Johanna Moyano

Director of Business Development


Johanna is a Jackie of all trades. A native New Yorker she left the US at 19 to study abroad and never come back. She became a freelance Country Manager for Magazine and Newspaper Supplements that highlighted Foreign Direct Investments in growing sectors like Tourism, construction and Telecommunications and has worked across 12 different markets (Turkey, Peru, Nigeria, Dominican Republic to name a few) Her biggest projects were inserts for the UK's The Guardian Newspaper, China Daily and the Economist.

Coming to the Middle East in 2012 Johanna promptly started working for a niche luxury publishing house with EQUESTRIO magazine, later moving to ITP &MPP.


Specializing in high end watches, jewelry and cars Johanna is an expert in luxury segment marketing & PR, having delivered a great number of creative print, online and event activations to connect luxury brands to just the right niche audiences in impactful and memorable ways. Having built strong ties with some of the region's key opinion leaders, Johanna now has a laser focus on  talent representation and management.

Johanna is the ultimate 'Connector'. She prides herself in being full of energy, crazy ideas (that are whittled down to brilliant concepts) and the means to create the right kind of buzz in the right kind of circles.



What We Do

The most important aspect of what we provide is a sense of partnership, since our early beginnings we were invested in every single project, sharing in success and in missteps, learning but not being disheartened and pushing forward. Here are a few of our services below, we provide them individually and mix and match for your specific needs.


Public Relations and Social Media Strategy

Media relations management, Influencer PR and Digital Event marketing is not easy and you might have some ideas as to how to cross platform promote but don't know exactly where to look. 


How do you leverage your social media presence? We can guide you to know with whom to collaborate with to achieve your specific goals.  


We are here for that, including Influencer coordination, Motivational and Keynote Speaking trajectory, TV and Streaming or theatrical partnerships as well as  and a path to how they all connect.

We are all made of stars, some just shine a bit brighter than others (on social at least) the landscape is constantly changing, trends are evolving and we are here to think of the current and the next big thing.

Nelly Attar and Bateel International

Omar Samra Mashreq.jpg

Brand Collaborations and Brand Ambassadorships

You have an event, an idea, a launch, a gathering, a unique concept and you need a team to be out there, pitching, pushing your idea with the same passion and belief as you would.

Let us use our network our knowledge of the market and the ins and outs of behavior and market trends and be the one to the on the ground to push it across the line.

You're not a clone, let us be your partners in this. And if you are a clone...share your knowledge please and get a 20% discount, Promo Code: Clone

Omar Samra ; Mashreq Bank

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-21 at 1.43.03 PM.jpeg

Motivational Speakers


We have some of the most influential  keynote speakers in the Middle East. Omar Samra, Paris Norriss,  Nelly Attar , Mina Litvinova  and more. Ranging from the Egyptian adventurer having climbed Everest, completated the Adventurers Grand Slam (Omar Samra) the first Saudi Woman to climb Everest (Raha Moharrak) , the  First Arab woman to climb K2 (Nelly Attar), one of the few people to complete the Worlds Toughest Row, 4,800 Kms across the Pacific  Ocean (Paris  Norriss) and the award winning Entrepreneur-  A/R and digital guru start up AR/More Founder  (Mina Litvinova)

Omar Samra Keynote Speaker


Time For Coffee with Panerai

The Brief

Signe Magazine, a premier men's lifestyle magazine known for its illustrated covers was keen to find a new collaboration Panerai Watches. A cult favorite this Italian watch brand was looking to touch base with its Italian roots in this Middle East magazine without seeming out of touch or unattainably posh.


We have identified the perfect influencer to represent both Signe Magazine and Panerai Watches brands and developed a creative activation both for print and digital.

Italian Bespoke tailor and mega influencer (240k followers) Mr. Raro (@mararo) had been seeking ways to reach out and cater to his GCC clients.

We have executed a gorgeous photo shoot that would explain the most Italian morning experience: Coffee. Including a behind the scenes video, the morning shoot showed the Dubai Marina Skyline, Mararros gorgeous bespoke suit and highlight his Radiomir while explaining the difference between a Ristretto and an Espresso.


Both elegent and pared down the cover was the first time we placed an international blogger with a global brand partnership for the Middle East. Mararro continued on to do a wildly successful trunk show in collaboration with Signe Magazine every year since then and has become the exclusive designer for the GCCs

VERTU - A gentleman's day out

The Brief

Vertu, the exclusive luxury mobile company was looking for a way to expand its reach with young gentleman tastemakers. The activation would be filmed and photographed with the phone and used as way to reach the end client via an experience that resonates with the brand's personality and unique positioning in the market


First we created a synergy with the Gentleman's dapper magazine de jour, The Rake Middle East.

This allowed us to create a targeted niche platform from which to communicate and whose database complete our 10 key players of the fashionably privileged. Providing an entire day out that included being picked up by a squad of Bentleys, being driven to the Jebel Ali Shooting Club where our guests were treated to a shooting experience, followed by a beautiful lunch in the veranda. Picked up and chauffeured to the Dubai Creek, our guests were taken out on a private yacht for cigars and adult beverages and enjoy the evening stars for a few hours until reaching the Dubai Marina. Finishing the evening we provided an Asian Inspired private dinner and celebrated the picture/ video worthy day out.


Considered to be the first of its kind in cross collaborations we were able to highlight and expose, Vertu, Bentley, Chivas and The Rake all at once. A resounding success that was followed up with a double page spread in The Rake, Spring 2015.

Tag Heuer and @ArabWatchGuide Partnership

The Brief

Hassan Ahkras, GCC watch collector, blogger and content creator is second to none in the region with 95,000 followers. He was looking to expand his reach and pivot his brand into a more proactive, 'real world' figure with accountability and unexpected activation. His brand was too mixed with other "bloggers" and, in 2016, decided to train for the 2017 Ironman 70.3 in Dubai and Bahrain. But first, he needed a partner, a watch brand that would support his vision and sponsor his journey.


After outlining his main purpose @Arabwatchguide decided to link up with a brand for an entire year. The half Ironman consisted of 1.9 km swim, a 90 km bike ride, and a 21.1 km run. It would be grueling work and we could only think of one brand that ticked all of the boxes.

Meeting with Tag Heuer we came prepared to show how their motto of "Don't Crack under Pressure" would be best served by Hassan and his journey. The agreement had to include the use and launch of the Connected (and later the Connected Modular 45) watch, a digital timepiece that ushered in a new era of the Luxury connected watch.

Hassan was signed as an official "Friend of the Brand" Their goal was to demonstrate how he would train with it for biking, running and yes even swimming.

Kicking off the partnership we held a media breakfast and created the press release and exposure needed to kickstart the collaboration and announce it to the region.


12 months, 3 brand videos *a few injuries and countless social media mix posts and Hassan successfully finished his Ironman 70.3 in Dubai and Bahrain. His achievement and collaboration with Tag Heuer have appeared in the likes of Khaleej Times and Sports 360.

He didn't quit, and he trained the entire year. Tag Heuer and @arabwatchguide continue to work together and their collaboration marked kicked off future long term collaboration with social media influencers moving forward.

Beneath a Sea of Lights
Product Placement Movie

AKELA Productions: 

akela is two boys without a fallback plan

After years in advertising agencies like Young & Rubicam, Lowe, and Saatchi & Saatchi, director Neel Kumar and cinematographer Umran Shaikh left to pursue their dream: Film. Since forming akela in 2011, they have created commercials, corporate films and documentaries for Emirates, Land Rover, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Toshiba, Samsung, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, OSN, Qatar Airways, Sony, Sharp, Anta Sports and a number of Dubai-based startups.

They have just finished their first feature film, 'Beneath a Sea of Lights', and are working on their second: 'Epitaph'.

Brief: Find brands that would not only fit into this heist movie filmed entirely in Dubai but also integrate the brand into the film in to add both commercially to the film but also add value to the brands involved

Solution:  Seeking out the main element of the film we focused on partnering with a brand that was both high end and luxurious but  also forward thinking and daring enough to take on a new director with an exciting vision for the film and the role they would have in it. Enter, Franck Muller:  Franck Muller watches are one of the finest and most complicated of the world. The manufacture was founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes with the aim of creating exclusive timepieces characterized by complicated movements and original designs.


Integrated part of Movie Script with over 10 minutes of screen time including boutique shots, wrist shots and the most important element, the majestic billboards of SZR in Dubai. 

Currently Airing : SHOWTIME, USA



Hassan Al-Akhras

Founder of Arab Watch Club

Official Member of GPGH

I have worked with Johanna since 2016. Our first collaboration was to make my idea of completing an Ironman 70.3 in 2017 with the support of a major Watch brand whose vision and ideals matched my passion and value a reality. With Johanna's representation, I was able to sign with Tag Heuer and it was just the beginning of a happy and fruitful relationship. She is proactive, creative and a relentless ally to have in your corner, I look forward to future projects as I appreciate her ongoing support as well as her professional input"

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Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your brand forward. You have an event, a market or a niche you need to address? Let us do the heavy lifting.  Reach out, let us reach up

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